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In front of my house

My house was built in 1903, and needs lots of white paint.

Big Red's catfish nose


Big Red at Road Atlanta

This photo of my car was uploaded from the Panoz Racing School website.

Big Red with his back to town square at dusk


LS1 Engine

My motor was stock but for the aftermarket air box lid, K&N air filter, and the power steering cooler, whose hoses you can see to the right of the airbox. The engine dynoed at 305 RWHP in its only test. I kept it to 5500 RPM to make sure I didn't hurt the engine prior to a trip to the road course, so it may have done better if  I'd allowed more RPM range to be used.

Interior shot

The car was very clean--nearly as clean as the 1994 Z28.

From the side