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Porsche Club Drivers' Ed

Driver's Education with the Porsche Club of America, Peachstate Chapter, at Road Atlanta
June, 2003. Special thanks to Brian Sartori, my PCA instructor, and to Bob Bishop, Camaro road course guru, who came to the track and introduced himself. I have consulted Bob often about setting up my car.

Big red in his livery
Note the new 17 X 10 CCW wheels with anodized black centers and Kuhmo Victoracers in 275-40-ZR17
Big Red in the paddock at Road Atlanta
That's my stuff in the foreground--street tires, tools, etc. I need a big trailer, like the one in the background.
Gary from New Orleans
What a great guy--let me borrow tools and helped me bleed my brakes. Thanks, Gary.
Tools of the trade
Porsches in the hot pit
It rained a lot the first day--you can see the water spots here. Shortly after this sunny shot, the skies opened up.
Porsche Cup Racer
It's for sale--wanna buy it? Never, ahem, raced....
Red waiting his turn in the paddock
Note the white mask on the numerals. I did not know this was supposed to come off until the weekend was nearly over. Whoops!