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Drivers' Education

Road Atlanta, continued...

I am ready--but relaxed

Coming into the pits after my second stint
Tires were hot and stinky, but the brakes were cool!
Ready for round 2
Black Viper was out of breath!
Darn chin strap
Fellow F-Body Brother Mark

1997 Trans Am was quick

Clean, tidy LS1 horsepower
The Z06 just couldn't keep up!

On the second run, I had a Z06,

two '03 Cobras (one claiming 550 HP,

the other 600 HP), and an S2000

in my group. We flew that second

time--high fives all around when

we stopped in the pits.

Show off...
Silly ricer--get thee behind me
That's me just leaving the pits for a few more laps
Cooling off!
Day is done-wheels are dirty with brake dust, but the car is whole, and I had a blast